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London Chapter Supporting "Team Melli"

June Shabeh Jomeh London was held once again in one of our recent regular spots, the lovely Butterfly Bar.

To show our support for our Teameh Melli who have made it into the World Cup 2014, Shabeh Jomeh Members agreed to try and wear something with one or more of the colours of our flag and it was a joy to see so many members adhering to the agreed dress code even if it was simply wearing bands with the colours of our flags.

We were lucky enough to have a talented musician amongst us that evening, who kindly agreed to play a few traditional Iranian pieces, which was met with much enthusiasm and sing alongs by the other members.

We had another memorable evening and had a drink or two in the honour of our boys who did so well in the World Cup this year.

Shabeh Jomeh London Chapter

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