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Narmin Kalbasi


Narmin London.jpg

Narmin has lived the first half of her life so far in Tehran, Iran, and the second in London, UK. She came to the UK to carry on with her studies in 1992 and after doing her A levels carried on to complete a BEng degree in Information Systems Engineering at Imperial College London and a Master’s degree in Advanced Computing at King’s College London. She then worked as a software engineer for a few years but decided to try her hands at other things as she found that lacked the human interaction that she enjoys and needs to have in life. She has since worked in different industries including working as a Math teacher for secondary schools and as a civilian in the Metropolitan Police of London and she is currently working / training as an Interior Designer in London.

Narmin loves socializing and meeting new people and has been enjoying contributing as the Co-Leader of Shabeh Jomeh events in London. Her hobbies include traveling, dancing, gardening, exercising, cooking, eating, hiking, movies, and music to list a few.

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