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Rosewater's Theatrical Release

“The general level of dialogue between our countries right now is a very low bar of conversation for us to try to clear in terms of nuance. Anything that you can add to the dialogue that increases our ability to see each other as human is an important contribution to the conversation. I hope that Iranians will see it as a universal story, that somebody outside of Iran is trying to understand the cost of oppression, the cost of suppression to their culture, but also to all cultures.” -- Jon Stewart

Based on the gripping memoir by Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, Rosewater takes us into the harrowing true story of his coverage of Iran’s 2009 uprisings over the controver

sial re-election of incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—and Bahari's subsequent arrest and incarceration at Iran's notorious Evin Prison. Almost six years after Iran’s Green Movement, Rosewater releases at a crucial time in Iran/US relations, and offers an intimate glimpse of a country that remains a mystery to most Americans.

Shabeh Jomeh is an integral supporter of Rosewater's theatrical release, and we're proud to continue to support this groundbreaking film as it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD for audiences across North America.

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