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Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro Marks its 10th Anniversary with its First Annual Halloween Party

On Saturday Nov. 2nd, 2013, Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro Celebrated their 10th Anniversary with its First Ever Halloween Masquerade Party!

The party was held at Lima Lounge, a DC member favorite location. Over 500 members and guests arrived in full costume to help us mark this momentous occasion. Shabeh Jomeh Leaders have all worked extremely hard to keep the chapter thriving for these past 10 years. This event signified the solid foundation built by all previous and current Leaders.

The costumes ranged from Ancient Rome, Persepolis all the way to Persian Boy Bands. Masks, props, full makeup and glitter were flowing through the crowd. The theme was embraced so thoroughly that Shabeh Jomeh DC Metro has added a Halloween themed event to their roster.

We wish to thank Lima Lounge, and the entire Shabeh Jomeh DC Members that keep us 10 years strong. Looking forward to the Next 10!

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